Man charged with assaulting child w/NES switch re-arrested day after case dismissed, for new assault.

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In January we reported on Laharles Frazier, who was charged with domestic assault after police say he “got extremely upset and slapped his child in the face with his hand “really hard”, before picking up the Nintendo Switch and hitting the 2-year-old in the face with the game system, knocking her to the floor”. That case was dismissed on Wednesday, when the D.A.’s office failed to prosecute it. On Thursday, Frazier was re-arrested for a new assault. Police say he punched the father of his ex-girlfriend in the face and chest.

Police say that on March 7th, Frazier went to Penny Brink Drive, where he formerly lived with his girlfriend and their family. He was there to retrieve his belonging when he began to argue with his former girlfriend.  Her father, who also lives at the residence, started arguing with Frazier, too. Police say Frazier became upset and punched the father twice in the head, and once in the chest.

Laharles Frazier (MNPD)

Laharles Frazier, 27, was charged with domestic assault w/bodily injury, and posted a $1,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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Man slaps & assaults 2-year-old daughter with Nintendo Switch after she drops it, police say

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