Man punches MNPD Officer, escapes his grip twice, flees scene; other officers tase him into compliance

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A man who locked himself in a Checkers restroom, eventually exited, punched a Metro Police officer in the face, escaped his grip multiple times during a scuffle, and was eventually tased by other officers after he fled the scene.

Metro Police responded to the Checkers restaurant on Rivergate Parkway in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as they were preparing to close, in response to a man refusing to leave a locked restroom. Upon arrival they made contact with the man through the bathroom door, who initially told officers he did not know how to get out of the restroom. Eventually the man, identified as 30-year-old Leroy Cane, exited the restroom.

Cane attempted to leave the location after exiting the restroom, but officers told him he was being detained, and was not yet free to leave. As officers attempted to place handcuffs on Cane, he turned and punched officer Goran Manojlovic in the face with a closed fist, causing ‘redness and small cuts’ according to a police report.

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Leroy Cane (MNPD)

Officer Manojlovic attempted to detain Cane by holding him until other officers could arrive, however Cane broke free from his hold and attempted to strike Officer Manojlovic a second time. The pair went to the ground for a short period of time, and once again Cane broke from from Manojlovic’s grip, this time fleeing the scene on foot.

Officers caught up with Leroy Cane and gave him unspecified verbal commands, which they say he refused to obey. An officer then deployed a taser, impacting Cane’s body, at which point he was taken into custody and transported to booking. During a secondary search at booking, he was found to have a small bag of marijuana on his person.

Leroy Cane is currently held in lieu of a $46,000 bond, because he didn’t immediately exit a restroom. He is charged with contraband in a penal institution, trespass, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and assault of an officer with bodily injury.

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