Man with meth, heroin, fake ID, and warrants in 3 counties arrested at Bellevue Cleaners

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With authorities in three counties looking for him, 32-year-old Andrew Brandon Christian didn’t have many places to go. On Wednesday, he decided to park his Silver GMC truck with a purple topper in the parking lot of the Bellevue Cleaners on Old Hickory Boulevard, and that’s where he spent the day.

At the end of the day, staff remained suspicious of the vehicle, and called police to report he’s been in their parking lot for several hours, and when given the description, officers recognized it as matching someone with an outstanding warrant that had been reported in the area recently. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the man in the truck who identified himself as ‘William Blandford’, and provided officers with a matching ID, however officers already recognized him as Andrew Christian. The fake identification also listed him as being 6’3″, when Christian is 5’8″.

Andrew Christian (MNPD)

As he was being taken into custody, it was realized he also has outstanding warrants in both Sumner and Robertson counties. A search incident to arrest revealed 3.5 grams of methamphetamine, two meth pipe with residue, 1.5 grams of heroin, plastic baggies, a scale with residue, spoons with residue, and multiple needles.

Andrew Christian was charged with criminal impersonation, possession of methamphetamine over .5 grams with intent to distribute, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, and failure to be booked on a state citation. He is held in lieu of a $7700 bond, and has holds on his release from both Sumner and Robertson Counties.

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