Metro Council at-large candidate Matthew DelRossi arrested

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Current at-large candidate for Metro Council, and former vice Mayoral candidate, Matthew DelRossi was arrested over the weekend, charged with two counts of violating an active order of protection. For his second campaign in a row, it appears he will be running for an elected office while out of jail on bond.

According to court records, a female has a new full order of protection against Matthew John DelRossi, 37, which was served on him February 27th of this year, and expires in February of 2020. The order covers the female and her family, including her daughter.  On Friday, March 15th, the female was contacted by her father, who stated that he had been contacted multiple times by Matthew DelRossi to reach out to her to have her cancel the order of protection against DelRossi. Once provided that information, the female contacted police to inform them of the violation of the order of protection, via third-party.

Matthew Del Rossi (MNPD)

A few days earlier, on March 11th, the female states that she also witnessed DelRossi approach and speak with her daughter, who is also covered in the order of protection issued on February 27th. This was also called into police when it happened.

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Matthew DelRossi was booked into jail at 1:17 a.m. Sunday morning, charged with two counts of violating an order of protection, and posted a $3,000 bond via Free At Last Bonding. He was released at 1:53 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Previously, DelRossi was committed to a psychiatric hold on February 25, where he spent a period of time at various facilities before being released, after the FBI was contacted due to his behavior, which including allegations of him shooting firearms into the air in the backyard of his Nashville home, in addition to his online behavior.

DelRossi was previously charged with violating an order of protection, which is now expunged, but Scoop: Nashville has a copy of the arrest warrant for the charge, as well as the original orders of protection. DelRossi was required to complete several weeks of anger management classes in order to get the charge retired and expunged.

Below are DelRossi’s arrest warrants from this past weekend:

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