Police arrest man on drug charges, find ledger naming all his customers

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Metro Police received a call in reference to a vacant lot at 407 Old Hickory Boulevard in West Nashville, with a trailer on it allegedly being used to manufacture meth. Officers arrived to the area to investigate, and came into contact with 36-year-old Jamie White, who had four outstanding warrants for community corrections probation violations.

A patrol officer searched White, incident to the arrest on the outstanding warrants. It was discovered White had a large sum of money in two different folds in his pants pocket. Tucked between his jeans and his underwear in his front waist band were 13x 20 mg Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine tablets, located in a plastic baggie.

Jamie White (MNPD)

There was an enclosed trailer on the property that had the door open and a dog inside. White stated that the dog inside the trailer was his but the trailer belongs to Johnny Allen, who was the property lease holder. When Allen arrived was asked about the trailer he stated that it wasn’t his and that he had never seen it before, and that someone may have dropped it off. Allen gave detectives permission to search the trailer.

Inside the trailer were tools with the name “Jamie White” on them. Whites name was burned into wood shelving inside the trailer. Also in the trailer was a drug ledger with ‘Jamie White’ written at the top and a list of people who he has sold drugs to. Also in the trailer was a loaded 20 gauge shotgun with the barrel sawed off shorter than 18 inches, a loaded 9 mm pistol, digital scales with residue, a spoon with white residue, and a baggie of pill capsules.

Jamie Eugene White was charged with the 4 outstanding warrants, possession w/intent of a SCH II drug, felon in possession of a weapon, and 2 gun charges. He remains jailed in lieu of an $85,000 bond.

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