Shoplifter who stole $5,085 from Target tells police 2 strangers forced her to do it

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Jamie Adair, 22, is facing a felony theft charge after she was caught on video filling bags with merchandise from target, taking them to her car without paying, then going back inside the store to do it all again. Adair then reportedly told police two strangers that she didn’t know forced her to shoplift.

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Target on White Bridge Road Saturday morning, after the store’s loss prevention office contacted them about a shoplifting in progress. The store’s loss prevention officer reported that Adair was observed stealing merchandise within the store, and they had her on video entering the store at approximately 9:00 a.m., at which time she can be seen going to a check-out lane and grabbing multiple bags. Over the next period of time, they observed her via recorded surveillance concealing items in the shopping bags, and then walking past all points of sale and out the door. Adair reportedly then made it to her car with all of the merchandise, and filled it up with the bags of stolen items which included electronics and expensive hair products.

Jamie Adair (MNPD)

But wait – there’s more! Any shoplifter in their right mind would know this is the time to get in the driver’s seat and make their getaway. However, Jamie Adair walked back into the front door of the Target, went back to the check-out lane, and again got an assortment of shopping bags, and continued her journey into the aisles of the superstore. As loss prevention officers watched, she continued to fill the bags with more expensive items, and when she had all she could physically carry out, she again past all points of sale, and headed toward the exit. This time, loss prevention officers were waiting for her, and took her into custody as she attempted to exit.

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Metro Police report that Adair admitted to the shoplifting, but told them someone made her do it. In a separate incident report, Adair alleges that “two strangers, unknown to her, forced her to shoplift”. In total the stolen merchandise totaled $5,085.54. Jamie Adair is charged with felony theft of merchandise. She is free on a $5,000 bond.

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