Spot’s Pet Supply owner Chad Baker sued over another dog’s injury/death.

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A lawsuit has been filed against Chad Baker, an owner of Spot’s Pet Supply (and also of The Dog Spot), in response to the death of Lucy, a dog that was allegedly injured while in their care last year. Chad Baker has been on the losing end of another lawsuit recently, due to the death of a dog at The Dog Spot location in East Nashville, which as recently closed, as did as their downtown location.

The new lawsuit is filed by Alice Perez, in response to her dog Lucy, and claims Lucy was euthanized after being severely injured in the care of Chad’s business, Spot’s Pet Supply & Grooming. The amount of damages sought in  the lawsuit is not specified. The court recently awarded Rachel Waldrop nearly $6,000 in damages and over $11,000 in attorney fees in a recent lawsuit over the death of a dog at another of Chad’s businesses, The Dog Spot.

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Alice says she took her dog to Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash in Donelson to be groomed.  The newly opened store is owned by Andy & Chad Baker, who also own The Dog Spot.

Alice says when she picked up her dog from being groomed, she was sitting in a position like the one below, and wouldn’t walk on her own through the double doorways, which didn’t immediately raise an alarm, because she was  sometimes scared of doorways, and it was an unfamiliar place. Due to Lucy’s size (a 110 lb Great Pyrenees), Alice had already asked them to assist in getting Lucy in her Highlander SUV, which they did – but they didn’t tell Alice that Lucy wasn’t moving on her own – two employees simply picker her up and placed her in the SUV.

When she was getting Lucy out of the vehicle, she noticed that she was paralyzed, and couldn’t move her legs on her own. According to Alice’s veterinarian, Lucy suffered a spinal cord injury. Lucy was reportedly healthy before being dropped off at Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash. She says that no one from the business called her or sought out veterinary care for the beloved family pet.

Alice’s daughter walking Lucy

Sadly last night, Alice held her dog while she passed by euthanasia, due to the extent of the injury. The veterinarian said that Lucy was in pain, and she would have likely never be able to walk, run, move, go to the bathroom, or do anything other that sit in a single spot, without a human doing it for her, 24 hours a day.


When Alice asked to speak to management, she was eventually able to speak to Andy Baker via phone, who is one of the owners of Spot’s Pet Supply. He was in Colorado, but offered to cut his trip short.

Spot’s Pet Supply shared this update on their social media after the event, before they removed comments by others on their social media, along with the bad reviews:

“We wanted to give an update that we have been in communications throughout today with Alice Perez regarding her dog’s experience at our Donelson location yesterday. Our staff made the decision to accept the dog into our care for grooming yesterday although the dog was in both negligent condition and questionable health. (see photos of pus coming out of the dog’s ears below from the groomer) We returned the dog to Perez yesterday and were contacted by her this morning that she euthanized the animal due to extensive spinal injury. Our team stands by the fact that this did not occur while the dog was in our possession. We have requested the deceased dog’s medical records from the veterinarian but they will not release the records without Perez’s consent. We have also directly requested this from the owner and hope to receive this information to validate the negligent condition of the dog when we are slated to meet with Perez tomorrow. To date, the owner has presented a receipt from yesterday’s vet appointment but no documentation of the dog’s previous condition. Lucy the dog left in the same physical condition that she came in with the only update being that she was freshly groomed.
Thank you for your concern and feedback and we will keep you all updated on the progress of this incident.
– Spot’s Pet Supply Staff”

Photo: Spot’s Pet Supply

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