WEED: 22 joints concealed in jar of peanut butter at Nashville Airport

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Julien Menth[IG], 23, can be found across various countries, islands, and continents any month of the year, on yachts and ski slopes, but on Sunday he found himself in a Nashville jail, after he flew into the Nashville International Airport with marijuana joints hidden inside a jar of peanut butter. He is currently free on a $6500 cash/credit bond.

Nashville Airport Police Officer Cody Travis was dispatched to the TSA main bag check room (CBRE) just after 9 a.m. Sunday morning, in reference to a scanner alert to an unusual mass inside a jar of peanut butter, in a piece of checked luggage that belonged to Julien Menth.

Julien Menth (MNPD)

The TSA officers had opened the jar, and discovered a plastic bag inside, completely covered by the peanut butter. Inside the plastic bag, officers found 22 rolled up marijuana cigarettes, weighing a total of 24.5 grams. Officers dug further into the peanut butter and located another plastic bag that contained THC vape cartridges, weighing 5 grams. During an interview, Menth admitted to the drugs found, and also told police there was a glass bottle that contained ground up mushrooms in his luggage, which was also located.

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Julien Menth[fb] was arrested and charged with possession with intent SCH I, possession with intent SCH VI, and simple possession. He posted a $6500 full cash/credit bond, spending just over 4 hours in jail. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 5th.

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