Woman caught attempting to bring heroin & crystal meth into Nashville jail

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A Nashville woman was caught attempting to bring 33 grams of heroin,and 31.8 grams of crystal meth, into the Davidson County Jail.

Karen Langston, 31, was taken into custody by Metro Nashville Police on Thursday night, on an outstanding violation of probation warrant. A search incident to arrest recovered 2.4 grams of crystal methamphetamine in her purse. Once she arrived a booking, DCSO Officer Samantha hill conducted a search of Langston, and recovered 31.8 grams of crystal methamphetamine, and 33 grams of heroin, hidden in Langston’s underwear.

Karen Langston (MNPD)

In addition to the probation warrant, Langston was booked on charges of possession with intent of heroin, possession of methamphetamine, and introduction of contraband into a penal institution. She is held on a $68,500 bond ($35K of which is solely for possession of heroin with intent 15-49 grams). She is scheduled to have a review hearing on March 4th.

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