Woman tells man “Come get your hoodie” assaults him, later kicks in his door & assaults him 2nd time in same day

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Stephiana Garrett, 18, is charged with assault and felony aggravated burglary after she admitted to punching a man who she told to come get his hoodie from her apartment, and then went to his house, kicked through his door, and assaulted him a second time, later in the day.

According to Metro Police, Stephiana Garrett admitted to being in an altercation with the male victim.She claimed the victim pushed her, outside of her front door, and she retaliated by punching him, after she demanded he come retrieve his hoodie. The victim was able to retrieve the hoodie, and leave the scene.

Stephiana Garrett (MNPD)

Later that same day, police say Stephiana Garrett also admired to kicking the male victim’s front door open, in a ‘rage of anger’. Once inside his home, she went to his bedroom and immediately began to assault him. The victim sustained visible injuries from the assault.

Garrett is charged with misdemeanor assault, and felony aggravated burglary. She posted an all cash/credit bond of $3500, and was released from jail on Thursday.

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