Arrest: Man assaults woman after she unplugs his Playstation

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24-year-old Joshua Stone is charged with domestic assault, after police say he ‘took a female to the ground’ when she unplugged his PlayStation.

Metro Police responded to the domestic violence call at 11 p.m. Sunday night, to find Joshua Stone and a female had been in an argument that turned physical. According to the victim, she wanted to talk to Joshua Stone, but he did not want to talk, and continued to play a game on his PlayStation.

Joshua Ishmell Stone (MNPD)

The victim then walked to the wall outlet and unplugged the power to the PlayStation. She says stone then got up and approached her, grabbed her from behind around her torso, and slammed her onto a nearby couch. While still being held from behind, they rolled onto the floor, causing her to hit her head, and bite her tongue, causing visible injury. She then scratched Stone’s arms to get free from his hold. Stone reportedly told police “I took her to the ground because I didn’t want her to mess with my PlayStation.

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Joshua Stone is charged with domestic assault, and posted a $1,000 bond after the required 12-hour domestic violence hold. He is scheduled to appear in court alter this month.

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