#BoosterClub: Carmen Washington arrested with foil lined shopping bag

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34-year-old Carmen Washington was arrested on Saturday at the Rivergate Mall, after she filled up her aluminum foil and duct tape lined shopping bag with items from JC Penney.

Police say they met with the loss prevention officer from the store, who had been observing Washington from the camera room. She was witnessed taking two Nike shirts, and two pair of Nike shorts, into the Polo section of the store, and stuffing them into her bag. Upon making contact with Washington, her bag was found to be lined with aluminum foil and duct tape, to prevent anti-theft tags from alerting the sensors at the doors. An anti-theft magnet ball, which is used to remove the anti-theft devices from clothing, was also found in Washington’s possession.

Carmen Washington (MNPD)

The total merchandise was valued at $110, and Washington was charged with theft of merchandise and possession of  merchandise theft too. She is free on pre-trial release. Washington has theft arrest in 2002, 2004, 2009 x3, and earlier this year in January of 2019.

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