DUI Details: Nashville Fire Fighter had ‘3 beers’ before blowing .204% BAC

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Nashville Fire Fighter Brandon Ray Womack told Goodlettsville Police he had “three one-pint beers, with a few pieces of chicken” a couple of hours prior to wrecking his vehicle and blowing a .204% BAC on a breath test.

Late Friday night, Officers responded to the area of New Brick Church Pike and Hitt Lane for a report of a single-vehicle crash with a possible intoxicated driver. According to an arrest warrant, upon officer’s arrival on scene, Womack was out of his vehicle walking around, and officers report upon initial contact, the obvious odor or alcohol was emanating from Womack’s person and he had blood-shot and watery eyes.

Brandon Ray Womack (MNPD)

According to police, Womack stated that he had “three, one pint beers, with a few pieces of chicken” a couple of hours prior. Womack refused medical attention and said he was “just fine”. The report states at the time of the crash, it was dark with no street lights, and was raining, causing Womack to be transported to the police department to perform SFST’s, where he was only able to perform the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus task. While performing the task he showed 6
of 6 clues, according to police Womack was unable to perform the walk and turn as well as the one leg stand tasks, but did consent to a breath test, which resulted in a .204% BAC.

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Brandon Womack was taken into custody, and Nashville Fire District Chief Garmin was advised of the situation when officers learned Womack was a fire fighter with the Nashville Fire Department. Womack is free on pre-trial release.

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