East Nashville Teen charged with DUI of Marijuana

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Metro Police say just before 1 a.m. Monday morning they observed a vehicle that failed to stop at the flashing red lights at North 11th and Gartland & N 11th and Gallatin, in East Nashville. Officer Paul Stein conducted a traffic stop on the offending vehicle, and made contact with the 18-year old driver, Hansel Poston.

Officer Stein reports smelling an ‘obvious odor’ of marijuana coming from the vehicle and the driver’s person. Poston reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana approximately two-hours prior to the stop, and still had blood-shot and watery eyes, according to an arrest report. Poston agreed to perform field sobriety tests, and was taken into custody for DUI based on the observations of the officer, and admission of smoking marijuana prior to driving. Police also located a black backpack in the vehicle, containing a baggie of marijuana, marijuana wax, and a scale.

Hansel C. Poston (MNPD)

Hansel Poston, 18, was charged with driving under the influence, and drug possession. He is free on pre-trial release.

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