Girlfriend arrested: “I want him dead.. I tried to stab him twice..”

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Arielle Pye, 25, was taken into custody on multiple charges Sunday, after police say she admitted to attempting to stab her boyfriend twice, and told police ‘i want him dead’. He called 911 when she refused to leave the home after an argument.

Metro Police arrived to the East Nashville home midday on Sunday in response to a domestic disturbance call, and made contact with the reporting party, the boyfriend of the defendant. The boyfriend told police he contacted them because his girlfriend, Arielle Pye, refused to leave their shared home this morning after an argument.

Arrielle Pye (MNPD)

Pye told police “I want him head.. I tried to stab him twice”, per an arrest warrant. She stated she had a knife in her hand during her attack of her boyfriend, however it was unable to be located by the time police arrived, and the boyfriend refused to assist in prosecution. Pye has a history of aggravated and domestic assault charges.

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As officers attempted to take Arielle Pye into custody, she began to pull away and resist arrest. It took two officers to get her into custody and escorted to a patrol car. Even though she was search at the scene, once she was transported to booking, the Sheriff’s office located a folded dollar bill insider her jacket pocket that contained a small amount of cocaine. She was charged with resisting arrest, bringing contraband into a jail, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She remains jailed on a $26,000 bond.

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