Kidnapper sends victim into Madison store to buy Newports, store calls 911, kidnapper arrested

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21-year-old Tawon Shaw is jailed on a $53,500 bond in a Nashville jail, as he was taken into custody late Thursday evening. Shaw is accused of holding a female victim hostage for over 16 hours Thursday. She was able to escape by convincing him she needed to cash her paycheck to buy him some Newport cigarettes. He drove her to the Madison Walmart Neighborhood Market, where she was able to notify management, who contacted police. Shaw was taken into custody in the parking lot, where witnesses say police also found a loaded AR-15 style weapon with two extra magazines.

Tawon Shaw, 21.

Shaw is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping, interference with an emergency call, theft of property, vandalism, and felon in possession of a weapon, currently jailed in lieu of a $53,500 bond.

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