Man avoids #KnockAndTalk, gets caught sneaking out when MNPD circles back

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35-year-old Brandon Scott Alexander successfully avoided Metro Police Wednesday when they conducted a ‘knock-and-talk’ at his front door, citing a ‘narcotics complaint’. They left, he tried to sneak out, they circled back, and now he’s jailed in lieu of a $77,500 bond.

Metro Nashville Police say they conducted a knock-and-talk at the University Court home of Brandon Alexander, on the basis of a ‘narcotics complaint’ Wednesday, knowing he had an outstanding warrant. His girlfriend answered the door, denied them entry, and they left the premises. Police drove away, and circles back to the apartment, where they observed Brandon Alexander rushing to his vehicle, and took him into custody on the outstanding narcotics related warrant.

Brandon Alexander (MNPD)

During the arrest, Alexander dropped a box of sandwich baggies, which contained a digital scale, 21 grams of crack cocaine, 25 grams of powder cocaine, 10 grams of marijuana, and baggies. Rolled up in his pocket was $539 in U.S. currency. Police say Alexander admitted to smoking marijuana and selling cocaine. But Metro Police weren’t done. They determined he was within 1,000 feet of Cameron College Prep School, so they charged him with cocaine in a school zone, which upped the consequences of that charge, and also making the bond for it $50,000. In total, Alexander is held on a $77,500 bond.

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