Man punches girlfriend’s dog in face during assault of girlfriend & female roommate

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After cussing and insulting her, Justin Parsley’s girlfriend asked him to leave the room. Instead, he punched her dog in the face, punched his girlfriend in the face breaking her nose, choked their female roommate he had just returned from the bar with, then ‘laughed maniacally’ and fired 5-7 shots at them as they fled the residence.

At 1:28 a.m. Saturday morning, Metro Police responded to a shots fired call on Benay Drive in the River Glen neighborhood, nearly the Opryland Hotel. At that residence lives 26-year-old Justin Parsley, his girlfriend, and a they also have a female roommate that occupies a 2nd bedroom. Shortly before police arrived, Justin Parsley and the female roommate had went out for drinks at a bar, where Justin had blamed the female roommate for the issues he was having with his girlfriend. By the time they returned home, the roommate states Justin had calmed back down and was apologetic, but his mood kept changing earlier in the evening when they were together.

Justin T. Parsley (MNPD)

Justin’s girlfriend was asleep in their bedroom when he and the roommate returned home, and he went into the bedroom and reportedly screamed and cussed at her, waking her up, as well as her dog that was on the bed beside her. Instead of leaving, she says Justin punched the dog in its face with his fist. Justin only grew angrier, and then punched his girlfriend in her nose, breaking it, and causing it to bleed, according to police.

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The girlfriend escaped their bedroom, retrieved the female roommate from a bathroom, and together they barricaded themselves in the roommate’s bedroom, while Justin “laughed maniacally” and banged on the door. The pair quickly realized they had no phones on them, or means to call for help, and were trapped in the bedroom. They opened the door and one ran for an exit, while the other attempted retrieved a phone to call 911. Justin’s girlfriend was able to escape outside, however Justin trapped the female roommate once again, and grabbed her by the neck with his hands, and picked her up into the air, pushing her down onto a couch. He continued to choke the female roommate while screaming out “Screw (girlfriend’s name)” as he bore down on top of her.

The female roommate says she was light-headed, unable to breathe, and thought she was about to die. She says she eventually “kicked him, hard”, and was able to break free, and escape the home. As the two female victims were now outside together, they fled to the roommates vehicle. As they fled, Justin emerged from the home, screaming “Fuck You!” and firing a black handgun 5-7 times at the two victims. They fled to a nearby Music Valley Drive address where officers met them.

At the scene, officers located .40 caliber shell casing, and NFD medics responded to treat the two victims, with injuries to include a broken nose, and neck bruising. Justin Parsley was taken into custody and charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and one count each of aggravated assault, and aggravated assault strangulation. He is free on a $30,000 bond.

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