Man struck Mercedes with Bird Scooter; “It’s a Nazi car”; urinates on himself

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38-year-old Thomas Vinh Luu remains jailed on a $1,600 bond, after police say he attacked a Mercedes with a Bird Scooter, telling police he struck it because “it’s a Nazi car”, and people “should buy American”, and urinating on himself.

Metro Police responded to 160 2nd Ave North to a disorderly persons call late Sunday evening. Witnesses reported seeing Thomas Luu strike a mercedes with a Bird scooter repeatedly. Police made contact with Luu, and detained him in a patrol care. Luu told police he struck the Mercedes with the Bird Scooter becasue “it’s a Nazi car” and “people should buy American”.

Thomas Luu (MNPD)

Luu also told officers he had been drinking, and they observed he had urinated on himself, and appeared to be in an “altered state of mind (appearing stuporous, remarking on military matters, and celebrities, during his time in custody)”. Luu was charged with vandalism, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. He is jailed in lieu of a $1,600 bond.

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