Man wanted on 6 felony probation violations arrested at gas pump

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30-year old Landon Pharris, Jr. (whose parents were once arrested for hiring a full on stripper named ‘Sassy’ at his 16th birthday party for he and his underage friends) was arrested on 6 felony probation violation warrants Monday afternoon while standing by a gas pump.

Metro Police say East CSU Detectives were on Trinity Lane when they noticed Pharris standing at the gas pump at the Love’s Truck Stop. As detectives moved closer to the pumps, Pharris got into the passenger side of the vehicle, and refused to exit all three times when asked.

Landon Pharris Jr (MNPD)

Detectives then grabbed his wrists to ‘assist’ him out of the vehicle, at which time Pharris reportedly pulled them back quickly, stating he needed to empty out his pockets. While emptying his pockets, detectives noticed a ‘blue snort straw’ with cocaine residue fall from his pocket. They once again attempted to grab his wrist to gain control, however he was able to pull away, and braced himself inside the vehicle once again, refusing to exit. He eventually exited the vehicle, but flailed around while officers were trying to cuff him.

In addition to 6 felony probation violation warrants, Pharris is charged with resisting arrest, and drug paraphernalia. He is held without bail.

As to that birthday party when he was 16, “It’s a bunch of bull,” his mother told The Tennessean. “I tried to do something special for my son. It didn’t harm him.”

About 30 people were at Landon Pharris’ 16th birthday party in September, about 10 of them under the age of 18. “We even had grandpa there,” his mother said. She said a stripper was nothing to get upset about in their neighborhood, where prostitution and drug use are common.

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