MNPD arrests man for 0.5 gram ‘partial joint’ found in vehicle after observing ‘significant smoke’

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24-year-old Caleb Brown was taken into custody Thursday and charged with drug possession and resisting arrest when police say smelled marijuana coming from a parked car, and found Brown in the driver’s seat, smoking a cigarillo with a ‘significant amount of smoke inside the vehicle’

Metro Police Officer Blake Lutz (who once claimed to smell factory sealed THC Gummy Bears from outside a vehicle during a traffic stop), reports police smelled the ‘odor of marijuana coming from a black Kia Sportage parked near the intersection of Middleton St and Ewing Ave.’ As police approached, Caleb Brown was observed sitting in the driver’s seat ‘smoking a cigarillo’. The officer also notes ‘a significant amount of smoke inside the vehicle’.

Caleb Brown (MNPD)

Brown denied any marijuana being inside the vehicle, however a probable cause search of the vehicle resulted in a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, weighing 0.5 grams, tucked underneath Brown’s left leg as he was seated.

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Officer Lutz took 24-year-old Caleb Brown into physical custody for the partially smoked join, arrested him, and charged him with simple possession. Once he was transported to booking for this charge, Officer Lutz reports Brown crossed his legs and wedged his feet under the seat of the patrol car, and refused to exit the patrol vehicle. Once out of the vehicle, police report he attempted to break free of police custody by actively pulling away from police.

Brown is charged with resisting arrest and simple possession, and is currently held in the Davidson County jail since Thursday morning, unable to post his $2,000 bond.

MNPD Officer Blake Lutz

Records indicate Herman Paige was also arrested with Brown, charged with an open probation violation, simple possession, identity theft, and drug paraphernalia charges.

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