VIDEO: Nashville Correctional Officer arrested for beating inmate; free on pre-trial release

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Kenneth Traylor, a 46-year-old a correctional officer at the Davidson County Sheriff’s office has been arrested for beating an inmate in the face, in a January incident at the jail. He was arrested late Tuesday evening, and near immediately freed on pre-trial release.

The January 25th, 2019, incident was captured on security video at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Detectives say the video shows DCSO Cpl. Kenneth L. Traylor escorting inmate Darrel Mintlow, dressed in a yellow inmate uniform, through a hallway inside the jail while he was carrying a white mesh bag and restrained with handcuffs, belly-chains with locks, and leg irons. When the pair arrive at a door, the officer steps in front of the inmate and pushes the master control button for the door, and seconds later the inmate strikes the officer in the back of the head with the mesh bag.

Kenneth Traylor II (MNPD)

The video reportedly shows the response by Cpl. Traylor was immediate, as he took the inmate to the ground. As Traylor is sitting on top of the inmate, who is now restrained to the ground by the officer’s hand cupping his neck, Traylor strikes the inmate with a closed fist in the face multiple times.

Cpl. Jeffrey Andrews then arrived, and placed his body between the officer and the inmate, to prevent the Traylor from continuing to strike the inmate. Other deputies then arrived and helped to resolve the incident without further injury.

The sheriff’s office issued the following statement in response to the incident:

On January 25, inmate Darrel Mintlow, 25, was being escorted through the MCC by Traylor when he swung his laundry bag, hitting Traylor in the head. Traylor reacted by taking Mintlow to the floor; a reaction later determined to be an excessive use of force. According to policy, Traylor was placed on leave and received an administrative disciplinary sanction of 40 hours unpaid leave, which is the most severe sanction served other than termination.

Additionally, the altercation was reviewed by the DCSO Criminal Review Team (CRT). On February 15, the sheriff’s office CRT forwarded the case to the Metropolitan Police Department to determine if charges were necessary. While his criminal case is pending, Traylor will not serve in a public safety position. DCSO will await conclusion of the court case to make further determination of his employment status. He was hired July 1, 2016, and has no previous use of force discipline. Mintlow was seen by medical staff and sustained no injuries.

During an interview with detectives, Cpl. Traylor states that Mintlow grabs his arm and refuses to Jet it go, but detectives that narrative is not supported by the video evidence. Traylor is charged with misdemeanor assault, and was freed on pre-trial release.

Records show that all charges against the inmate that was beaten have been dropped:

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