Nashville Prostitutes Gone Wild: ran off road, stabbed with loaded needle for ‘taking her date’

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At twenty minutes past midnight on Friday, Metro Police were dispatched to Summit Hospital for a report of an aggravated assault victim. The aggravated assault was between two known prostitutes on Murfreesboro Pike, when one accused the other of ‘taking her date’, ran her off the road, and stabbed her with a loaded needle, injecting the unknown contents into her.

The 33-year-old victim reports to police that she is ‘an acquaintance’ of her attacker, identified as fellow prostitute, 24-year-old Ashley Garlit. The victim states she and an ‘unknown friend’ were pulling out of a gas station at 822 Murfreesboro Pike when Garlit pursued them in her own vehicle, attempting to run the pair off t he road. The victim got out the vehicle and walked to Garlit’s car to confront her, at which time Garlit accused of “taking her date”.

Ashley Garlit (MNPD)

Ashley Garlit reportedly then stabbed the victim in the arm with a needle, loaded with an unknown substance, and said:

“Bitch you’re going to die!”

As the victim attempted to flee, she fell to the ground, sustaining more injuries, and allowing Garlit to attempt to strangle her while on the ground. The victim says she felt something go into her arm and immediately cause a burning sensation when she was stabbed with the needle, and injected with the contents.

The victim was transported to Summit Hospital where she received treatment, and police were notified. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Ashley Garlit, and she was taken into custody, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two failure to be booked citations. She remains jailed in lieu of a $27,000 bond.

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