Woman charged with 3rd DUI: “I’m not drunk.. I just have bad allergies”, per report.

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49-year-old Madeline Moore was charged with DUI 3rd Offense on April 14th. According to Metro Police, Moore claimed she wasn’t drunk, but failed field sobriety tests due to “bad allergies”.

Metro Police Officer Chase Harriman was parked on Grace Street on the afternoon of Sunday, April 14th, when he observed a blue Nissan Versa pass him and blow through a stop sign, turning onto Meridian Street. Officer Harriman conducted a traffic stop, and found Madeline Moore driving the vehicle. Upon initial contact he reports observing slurred speech, and bloodshot, watery, eyes. When he asked for her identification, she handed him an entire wallet, and it was determined her license was current revoked for prior DUI charge(s).

Madeline R Moore (MNPD)

Moore was asked to step out of the vehicle, and was eventually able to get out of the vehicle after an unsuccessful attempt at opening the door. She is reported as unsteady on her feet, and initially refused to participate in field sobriety tests, stating she was not drunk, and her destination was nearby. She eventually agreed, and all six indicators of impairment were observed on the HGN test. She refused to proceed to the next test, telling Officer Harriman she was not drunk, and was showing impairment factors because she had bad allergies, stating she had taken some NyQuil earlier in the day.

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Madeline Moore was taken into custody, charged with DUI 3rd Offense, Revoked License, 2nd Offense, and violation of the implied consent law. A search warrant was obtained and executed for her blood, and she was then booked into jail. Moore posted a $5,500 bond the following day, and is scheduled to appear in court in May.

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