Woman kicks in door over $20 weed debt; victim says it was a gift.

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36-year-old Teneka Barbee was arrested Wednesday, charged with aggravated burglary. She allegedly kicked through a door to collect a $20 marijuana debt, however the victim says the weed was a gift.

Metro Police responded to a burglary call Wednesday morning, in response to the victim calling 911 to report someone breaking into her house, as she was prepared to defend herself with a kitchen knife. Police arrived and made contact with both parties, in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. The victim told police Teneka Barbee had given her some marijuana two days prior, as a gift, and today approached her and demanded $20 as payment for the previously given marijuana. The two began to argue, and the victim retreated into her apartment, locking the door with the deadbolt. Shortly after, Barbee reportedly kicked in the door, destroying both the lock and frame.

Teneka Barbee (MNPD)

Barbee told police the door was previously damaged, and claimed the victim ran into her own door, further damaging it, however officers observed damage indicating the deadbolt was latched at the time the door was kicked in.

Teneka Barbee was taken into custody, and charged with aggravated robbery. At the time of publication she was in the process of posting a $10,000 bond.

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