Nashville Police save 2 women from intoxicated ‘fake’ Uber driver mid-trip

Metro Nashville Police saved two women from a potentially dangerous situation last week, as they were in a vehicle they believed to be their Uber. The stranger driving them, Milian Tesfay, had picked them up on West End and had driven them out of the way of their destination, and was no Uber driver at all.

Man charged with DUI after leaving Tribe bar at 110 mph; cried for his parents, police say.

David Rapley II, 26, was described as “nervous, hysterical, and uncooperative” by police after being stopped for traveling at 110 mph in a 45 mph zone late Sunday night. Rapley told police he had just left Tribe, where he consumed “multiple vodka drinks”. Police say he was “crying for his parents” during their interaction.

MNPD negotiates with ‘sovereign citizen’ who is “provoking his 5th amendment right” for 35 minutes before it ends badly for him.

Metro Nashville police encountered sovereign citizen Devin Chesser on May 6th during a traffic stop. The man refused all requests, including rolling down his window, providing identification, or even speaking to them. A Sergeant arrived and negotiated with him for 35 minutes, while parked in a lane of traffic. He was eventually extricated from the vehicle by force.