Arrested for littering (and BUI) on the lake

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Stephanie Buckley was arrested while out on the lake Saturday when some plastic flew from her pontoon boat. When a TWRA Officer officer stopped to issue her a citation, he found her to be boating under the influence. #BUI

TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum says he was patrolling Percy Priest Lake on Saturday when he noticed a piece of plastic fly out of a pontoon boat, operated by 54-year-old Stephanie Kellie Buckley. As he was approaching the vessel to issue a citation for littering, he say Buckley pick up a beer and drink it while operating the boat. He initiated his blue lights and sirens, and the vessel came to a stop.

Stephanie Buckley (MNPD)

An arrest warrant states Buckley stumbled multiple times while trying to retrieve the required safety equipment, and had difficulty locating her purse to provide her identification. Buckley told Officer Landrum she had only had the one beer which was at the driver’s console. She donned a life jacket and moved to the officer’s boat to complete field sobriety tests, which she did not perform satisfactorily, and was placed under arrest for BUI, Implied consent violation, and littering. Buckley is free on pre-trial release.

Joshua Landrum (TWRA)

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