#DUI: Man pretends to balance on a surfboard instead of performing field sobriety tests, police say

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21-year-old Stephen Lavoie was asked to perform a ‘9-step walk-and-turn’ during field sobriety tests Wednesday, but despite multiple instructions to actually walk, he remained in the same spot, balancing as if he were on a surf board, according to Metro police.

Metro Nashville Police observed Stephen Lavoie driving a tan Toyota Sienna minivan at 2nd and Commerce in the early morning hours of May 15th. Lavoie was driving the wrong way on a one-way street, and struck the curb several times once lights and sirens were activated for him to pull over. Police say he smelled of alcohol, and had slow, quiet, slurred speech, as he told them he had been to Cervesa Jack’s earlier and was trying to get home to Washington state.

Stephen Robert Lavoie (MNPD)

He consented to field sobriety tests, during which time officers say he did not complete successfully. During the 9-step walk-and-turn, h was given multiple commands to begin his steps, however they report he just stood there, balanced as if he were on a surfboard. The one leg stand had to be stopped for his own safety, and could not touch his finger to his nose. Lavoie refused a breath test, and was eventually charged with DUI, and violation of the implied consent law. He was booked, and is free on pre-trial release.

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