#KnockAndTalk: Man consents to search, tells marijuana location, all without a warrant

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Metro Police knocked on the door of 30-year-old Drew Pate for a #KnockAndTalk (where they don’t have probable cause, but attempt to get consent to search anyway). Pate consented to a search and even told officers where his marijuana was located.

Drew Palmer Pate was booked into custody Thursday on a citation issued in February. The citation details that “Detectives conducted a knock and talk at the listed residence. Individuals at the residence answered the door and agreed to a consent search. The defendant (Pate) told detectives where his marijuana was located. Detectives located the marijuana where the defendant said it was.

Drew Pate (MNPD)

Pate was charged with simple possession and is now on pre-trial release after being booked on the citation. In addition to Pate, Keith Meger was also issued a citation for marijuana found in a bedroom where he was on the bed, however that was dismissed when he appeared in court.

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