Man accused of killing Daniel Sheilds was a former gay prostitute

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Many outlets have described Gerry Weatherby, the accused killer of Daniel Shields, as a doting family man with children. In reality, he was a former gay prostitute, with arrests where he was caught with informants on recordings. He appeared to have lead a completely different life than that of a ‘family man’.

Over the past few weeks, many other outlets have made statements that Gerry Weatherby was a ‘family man’, ‘happily married to a woman, with several step-children’. Most went as far as to mention he had prior prostitution arrests – but not a single one mentioned the fact those arrests were related to him (Weatherby) being a gay male prostitute, which is the ‘prostitution’ he was actually arrested for. He does not appear to be the doting family man that once slept with a prostitute that every other outlet makes him out to be. WKRN recently did a story about how ‘laid back and caring’ he was.

Gerry Weatherby (MNPD)

In September of 2007, Gerry Weatherby was standing on the corner of 6th Ave S. and Oak Street, an area which the arrest report notes is “known for prostitution”. MNPD Detective Ray watched and listened over a ‘wire’ as a confidential informant picked up Weatherby, who agreed to perform oral sex on the male informant for $20.

Two months later, in October of 2007, Gerry Weatherby was offered $10 to perform oral sex on a male prostitute in a “well known area for male prostitution” and agreed to the transaction.

Weatherby is set to be arraigned on Wednesday. His full charges include 1st-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping – the full indictment is below.

Daniel Shields was found inside his apartment in July. At the time, police said his home was bloody and his body was decomposing.  An autopsy report showed the 30-year-old died as a result of multi-modality trauma, which could include being beaten, stabbed and strangled. A pillow with a bloody handprint was found near his body, and Shields had been bound by his ankles and wrists with numerous chords, blankets, and clothing. His car was found several miles away from where he lived. The report says there were blunt force injuries to Shields’ neck and chest that went to his heart.

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