Man charged with DUI after leaving Tribe bar at 110 mph; cried for his parents, police say.

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David Rapley II, 26, was described as “nervous, hysterical, and uncooperative” by police after being stopped for traveling at 110 mph in a 45 mph zone late Sunday night. Rapley told police he had just left Tribe, where he consumed “multiple vodka drinks”. Police say he was “crying for his parents” during their interaction.

At 11:41 p.m. Sunday, Metro Police observed a vehicle driven by David Rapley, II, entering I-440 W from an entrance ramp at an extremely high rate of speed, which was paced at 110 mph in a 45 mph construction zone. Despite emergency equipment being activated, the vehicle traveled all the way to the Enclave Condos at 2600 Hillsboro Pike before stopping. MNPD Officer Ryan Sherry reports Rapley had slurred speech, had extremely dilated and blood-shot eyes, and smelled strongly of alcohol upon initial contact. According to an arrest report, Rapley “was crying for his parents” during the interaction with police.

David Rapley II (MNPD)

Police say Rapley repeatedly attempted to cover his eyes and look away from the officer, and seemed “very nervous, hysterical, and was uncooperative when asked questions”. Rapley told police he had just left Tribe bar on Church Street, where he had consumed multiple vodka drinks.

Rapley performed various field sobriety tests, all of which indicated impairment. He refused to sign the implied consent form, however a search warrant was obtained and executed for his blood at Metro General Hospital. Rapley was charged with driving under the influence and violation of the implied consent law, and is free on pre-trial release as of 6 a.m. Monday.

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