Man covers girlfriend with Maple syrup; lights house on fire

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EAST NASHVILLE: Metro Police say 25-year-old Michael Worthan covered his girlfriend with Maple syrup while she was on their bed, tossing it around, screaming, and covering her with it. Later that evening, he returned and set the East Nashville home on fire.

Metro police say Worthan came into the residence he shared with his girlfriend at 4:35 a.m. Sunday morning, and began to scream and toss maple syrup around the room, pouring it over her. This woke his mother, who was sleeping nearby, and witnessed part of the incident.

Michael Worthan II (MNPD)

Later Sunday afternoon, a fire occurred at the Pennock Ave. home. An investigation determined the fire to have been incendiary, and set in different locations inside the structure. Security cameras show Mr. Worthan entering the home and leaving a short time later. Within minutes of him leaving, smoke was seen coming from the home. A combustible liquid was poured in different rooms, used as an accelerator. Worthan denies being at the home, and setting the fire, in disagreement with the security footage.

Michael Keith Worthan, II, is charged with domestic assault, and aggravated arson. He remains jailed on a $51,000 bond.

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