Man hired people online to dress up, wear wigs, and cash stolen checks for him

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Jamaal Sinclair has been charged with burglary of an automobile. Detectives say he would steal ID’s and credit cards, then hire people online to dress up to match the stolen identity, and cash checks at the outer drive-thru lane of banks, operating as part of the ‘felony lane gang’

In February of 2018, a victim reported to police her vehicle was burglarized, and her purse and contents were stolen while parked at the Whitworth Racquet Club. Security video showed a man getting out of a grey Hyundai sedan, putting on gloves, breaking into her vehicle, and taking her purse, along with another person who exited the Hyundai. Later in February, Germantown detectives stopped the same grey Hyundai, which was rented by Sinclair’s girlfriend, Janeise Burks. The GPS log showed the vehicle was present at the Kroger on Harding Place, where the victim’s credit card was used just after the burglary.

Jamaal Sinclair (MNPD)

Nashville Detectives learned from the FBI that the subject of their investigation, Jamaal Sinclair, was in custody in Memphis, and the victim’s identification and checks had been recovered during a search of his home. It was learned that Sinclair was operating what police have described as a ‘felony lane gang’, where he would break into vehicles to get ID’s, credit cards, and checkbooks, and then hire people (in this case a female), from an online website to dress up, including wigs if needed, to match the general description of the person on the identification. The hired person would then cash checks using the stolen identity in the outside teller lane of a bank, in the amounts of $1,000 or more.

Metro Police took 38-year-old Jamaal Ellis Sinclair into custody late Tuesday evening, and he is currently charged with felony burglary of a motor vehicle. He remains jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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