Man savagely beats brother with guitar while allegedly high on cocaine; $2,000 missing, blood everywhere

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Metro Nashville Police described the room as ‘bloody’ and ‘in shambles’ after one brother savagely beat another with a guitar, as he lay in wait for him to exit the shower. It all began when one brother left money in a backpack of the other brother’s car, and ended with one brother passed covered in bloody clothes & cocaine spilled across his cell phone, while the other brother received 8 staples in the back of his head.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a local musician called his brother, who was at a bar, to tell him that he had left his backpack in his car, and reminded him it had $2,000 in cash in it. When his brother, 26-year-old Benjamin Gregory, returned from the bar, the money was suddenly ‘missing’ from the backpack, and the two got into a verbal argument in the brother’s (victim) motel room on the lower floor of a motel/apartment location in Hermitage on Old Hickory Blvd. Eventually, the victim went into the bathroom to separate himself from the argument and to take a shower.

Benjamin Gregory (MNPD)

As the victim exited the bathroom after his shower, he was struck in the head by Benjamin, with a wooden guitar. Benjamin continued to struck him, and other items in the room, including a microphone stand, and a snare drum. The victim attempted to defend himself, and at one point had Benjamin in a headlock, but he broke free of his grip. The victim eventually lost consciousness from the savage beating, and briefly came to with Benjamin still beating his body with the wooden guitar.

After he finished beating his brother, Benjamin Gregory, who works in housekeeping at the property, left the scene in his vehicle, and returned about ten minutes later, going to his room, which was directly above the victim’s, on the 2nd floor. Metro Police arrived at 4:47 a.m. to find Benjamin unresponsive and covered in dried blood on the bed of his room, with marijuana on the dresser, and a bag of cocaine spilled over his cell phone on the nightstand. Inside the drawer of the nightstand was more marijuana and a black revolver.

Benjamin Gregory (Facebook)

Metro Police described the victim’s room as “in shambles”. There was a broken guitar, microphone stand, a destroyed snare drum on the floor, and blood on the floor and on blankets. The victim was transported to the hospital, where he received 8 staples for the laceration to the back of his head, and also had multiple abrasions on his arms, consistent with defensive wounds, along with other cuts to his face.

Benjamin Gregory, 26, was charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, felony theft, and drug possession. He remains jailed on a $10,000 bond.

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