Man shoved napkins in wife’s mouth during fight

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22-year-old Sina Mousavi (SeyedSina MousavimoJezi) was charged with domestic assault Monday, after his wife told police he had shoved napkins in her mouth during a fight, put a knife to her side, and previously prevented her from speaking to police when they were called.

Sina Mousavi (SeyedSina MousavimoJezi) is charged with domestic assault after his wife was able to escape the home living situation, and make a report to police. She tells police that when they were called to the residence for previous domestic disturbances, Mousavi would not permit her to speak to police based on ‘marital and religious rights from their country of Iran’, according to an arrest warrant. She says that no domestic reports were filed previously, despite the police arriving to their domestic disturbances.

Seyedsina Mousavimojezi (MNPD)

The victim told police that during arguments and fights, Mousavi would shove napkins in her mouth, and pull a knife and place it against her side to scare her. She also reports he would place hi hands around her neck, but says he never left any marks, and that he is “very jealous”. Sina Mousavi (SeyedSina MousavimoJezi) is charged with domestic assault, and is free on a $1,000 cash bond after serving the mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold, with a May 13th court date.

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