Man swallows drugs retrieved from his anus, returned to hospital to await their second exit.

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Nashville Police see Kadeem Wilkins stuff drugs into his anus. After he resists a strip search, MNPD gets a warrant & takes him to Metro General for a doctor to execute the search warrant on his anus, but the doctor refuses. He’s then taken to jail to be booked, and on the way he removes the drugs from his anus. During a DCSO search, the baggies from his anus are discovered, at which point he swallows at least one, and has to be returned to the hospital for ingesting the drugs from his anus, to await their next exit.

29-year-old Kadeem Marquitte Wilkins is known, from previous police interactions, to hide and store heroin in his anal cavity to attempt to prevent its discovery. So, when Metro Police were conducting surveillance in the parking lot of Santorini’s restaurant near Thompson Lane & Murfreesboro Pike on April 30th and noticed Kadeem Marquitte appear, they already knew it was going to be a long night.

Police say Wilkins was seen talking with two females who then got into a van owned by Wilkins. Due to knowing one of the females had an outstanding felony warrant, the van was pulled over as it traveled to Taco Bell, so she could be taken into custody. As they made contact with the van, detectives observed Wilkins “lift his rear end and quickly put his hand down the back of his pants”, at which time he pushed the narcotics into his anus, and out of view.

Detectives attempted to conduct a strip search, but according to an arrest warrant, Wilkins forcefully pulled away multiple times, and would not allow a strips search to be conducted. At that point, detectives were granted a search warrant for Wilkins’ body cavities, and he was transported to Metro General Hospital for it to be executed. Upon arrival, the doctor agreed to an exterior search only, and cleared his butt cheeks of any drugs, but the doctor refused to forcibly enter Wilkins’ anus as instructed in the judge’s order.

Kadeem Wilkins (MNPD)

Metro transported Wilkins to DCSO booking, on the charges they had from his arrest in the van, which were a marijuana blunt in his pocket, a Suboxone strip from his pocket, and a digital scale. During the transport, officers observed Wilkins going into the rear of his pants once again, and once they got him out of the vehicle at booking, and into the intake area for yet another strip search, baggies, including one baggie of a white rock substance, fell out of his previously cleared underwear. As DCSO officers attempted to retrieve a baggie, Wilkins began to fight them, and grabbed at least one of the baggies that were recently in his anus, and swallowed it. Officers called a ‘CODE RED’ in which they finally got the inmate under control (we’re awaiting those reports from the DCSO). Once the scene settled, there were still two baggies of a white rock substance on the ground, weighing a total of 14 grams. Wilkins told DCSO booking personnel the baggies contained crack cocaine, however for medical purposes, he disclosed to the booking nurse he had swallowed heroin.

As Wilkins had now re-ingested at least one baggie of narcotics that he had recently retrieved from inside his anus, he was once again transported to Metro General Hospital, to away the drugs to come out of his his body, for a second time. He was eventually re-booked into jail on May 5th. He is jailed on charges including: resisting arrest, drug paraphernalia, simple possession 3, assault of an officer x2, bringing contraband into a penal institution, felony tampering with evidence, and possession w/intent (cocaine). He remains jailed on a $63,000 bond.

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