Man threatens to “cut balls off” roommate with ice pick over rent conversation #HillsboroVillage

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26-year-old James Jian Yin Law admitted to police he held an ice pick to his roommate’s face and testicles, threatening “I’ll cut your balls off!”, when he learned he was being recorded in a conversation about rent.

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Hillsboro Village home of James Jian Yin Law and his roommate, who were having an altercation, and attempted to cancel the call and avoid police involvement. Upon police arrival, the victim stated he got into a verbal argument with his roommate James Law about their May rent payment. Law discovered he was being recorded during the conversation, and became upset, and then held an ice pick toward the victim’s face and testicles, stating “I’ll cut your balls off!”

James Law (MNPD)

The victim says he attempted to call police but Law dropped the ice pick, jumped on him, and grabbed him around his neck. The victim then bit Law on his left hand in an attempt to escape, grabbed the ice pick, and fled toward the front of the apartment in an effort to leave. Law then took the ice pick back from the victim, and thing began to settle down, though 911 had already been called. They attempted to cancel the call, however officers were already en route, and due to the domestic nature, they continued to the scene. Law admitted to what happened, and was taken into custody, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

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