Man threatens to stab roommate in heart with knife, tells MNPD he will play the “retard card” to get away with it

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Metro Police say Ian Peterson told them he would play the “retard” card and get away with his aggravated assault charge “like had every other time”. Peterson is charged with pulling knife on a man he shared a room with in a boarding house, threatening to stab in in the heart, and cutting the window blinds while commenting on how “good that knife slices”.

Metro police met the victim in the driveway of the Eve Circle boarding house just before 11 p.m. Monday night. The explained the he and 32-year-old Ian Peterson had shared a bedroom in the home for approximately a month. According to an arrest warrant, Peterson got into an argument about the victim opening the windows in the room, and punched a window causing it to shatter.

Ian A Peterson (MNPD)

Peterson then went to the kitchen of the home and retrieved a kitchen knife, and returned to the bedroom where he told the victim he would “get him” and “stab him in the heart” while he slept. Peterson reportedly then began cutting the window blinds with the knife, while commenting how “good that knife slices”, before stabbing the knife into a dresser and picking up a shattered piece of glass and threatening to slice the victim’s throat with it. The victim left the room and called police.

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During an interview with officers, Peterson stated that “everyone in the house is against me, so I grabbed a knife”. He reportedly admitted to pointing the knife at the victim, and said “some things”, along with stabbing the dresser. Peterson then told officers he was “going to play the retard card and get away with it like he had every other time”.

Peterson is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and remains jailed on a $15,000 bond.

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