Mother charged with reckless endangerment of baby-daddy, using her vehicle as weapon

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Shayldeon Brownlee, 31, was arrested Thursday, charged with felony domestic reckless endangerment, after police say she used her vehicle as a weapon to endanger her child, and the child’s father, during an argument over money on Dr. DB Todd Jr. Blvd.

Metro Nashville Police responded to 1811 Dr. DB Todd Jr. Blvd. at 4:22 p.m. Thursday, to the report of a domestic disturbance. Involved in the situation were 31-year-old Shayldeon Brownlee, the father of her child, and the child. Brownlee was in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, with the baby’s father in the open doorway of the rear passenger door, and the child in a rear car seat. Police say they were in an argument abut money when Brownlee began to drive off aggressively, while her child’s father was standing between the rear car door and the car.

Shayldeon Brownlee (MNPD)

In an effort to not be ran over or hit by the car, the child’s father (victim) lunged into the rear seat of the vehicle as she aggressively drove away. Brownlee then reversed the vehicle, allowing the victim time to escape without being hit by the vehicle. Brownlee told police she was punched, but officers say they reviewed video of the incident, and her claim wasn’t supported by the video they reviewed, and they determined her to be the aggressor, and charged her with placing the child’s father in imminent danger of serious bodily injury of death.

Brownlee was booked on the felony charge, and posted a $3,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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