Nashville Cop goes PETTY on PEDESTRIAN for laughing at him. Grabs, pulls him to car by force. #Jaywalking

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Metro Nashville Police Officer Donald Ray Davidson was on whistle duty Thursday night, when he blew his whistle at a downtown pedestrian who ignored him and crossed the empty street, laughing at the officer. The cop then grabs the man’s backpack strap, pulls him back to the patrol car, where he and 2 other officers used force to handcuff him for ‘refusal to comply with an order’. DA says not so fast, dismisses everything immediately at court.

Officer Don Davidson (MNPD)

According to arrest warrants sworn out by Officer Davidson, 31-year-old Lawrence Gilbert Cosson was booked into the Metro Jail and charged with ‘refusal to comply with an order’ and resisting arrest. Cosson has no prior arrest record, or police interactions. Despite meeting all of the requirements, Cosson was also not given pre-trial release, and is currently held on a $1,150 bond.

Lawrence Cosson (MNPD)

The arrest report reads details that Cosson was crossing the street where there was no traffic nearby, and Officer Davidson asked him why he was ignoring the “don’t walk” signal, to which Cosson replied there was no traffic, so he could do so. Officer Davidson informed him he could cite him for jaywalking, at which time Cosson reportedly laughed at the officer holding the traffic whistle. Cosson continued to walk away, at which time Officer Davidson told him to stop, as he had not decided if he was going to charge him yet. Cosson told the officer “that would be hilarious”, and continued walking, at which time Officer Davidson grabbed Cosson by the strap of his backpack, and pulled him to his patrol car, with Cosson actively resisting. Officer Davidson, with the assistance of two other officers, finally restrained the jaywalking man by force, but it took all three of them, per the police report.

Cosson was booked and charged with resisting arrest, and failing/refusal to comply with an order, and remains jailed this morning.
UPDATE: The DA dismissed all the charges at court this morning, and Cosson was released.

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