Nashville Man blames ‘karma’ as reason he brutally assaulted woman

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Kenteris White (aka Stantale McBride), 32, remains jailed on a $100,000 bond in a Metro jail after police say he ambushed a woman arriving home from work, pushed her inside her apartment, and brutally assaulted her on May 8th. He told police “I went overboard assaulting her, but it was probably karma coming back on her”

Metro Police say the victim was coming home from work on May 8th, when 32-year-old Kenteris White (who is better known as Stantale McBride) came up behind her as she was unlocking her door, and pushed her inside her apartment, where he began to bear her. She was not expecting him to be at her apartment, nor was he invited or have any reason to be there.

She reports being choked repeatedly, losing consciousness at least three times during the brutal attack. She says she tried to fight back, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Every time she regained consciousness, she reports immediately seeing him, still there assaulting her, until she passed back out. She was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center with multiple injuries to her head, face, neck, shoulders, and wrist.

Kenteris White (MNPD)

During an interview, White (aka McBride) told police that she hit him first, and he only choked her in self-defense. He admitted that he went “overboard with assaulting her, but it was probably karma coming back on her. No further details were available. White was booked into the Metro jail, charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault/strangulation, where he remains on a $100,000.00 bond.

NOTE: Kenteris White / Stantale McBride is booked under both names from multiple agencies, but the mugshots match in all the booking photos. It was not immediately clear if had a legal name change at some point, or if he was actually booked under an alias in some jurisdictions.

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