Nashville Police save 2 women from intoxicated ‘fake’ Uber driver mid-trip

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Metro Nashville Police saved two women from a potentially dangerous situation last week, as they were in a vehicle they believed to be their Uber. The stranger driving them, Milian Tesfay, had picked them up on West End and had driven them out of the way of their destination, and was no Uber driver at all.

It was only by chance that Metro Police uncovered the situation, as Officer Bradley Nave was conducting a traffic stop on the right shoulder of I-65 N near mile marker 81.6 when he noticed a vehicle fail to move over or slow down for his parked vehicle with emergency light on. Officer Nave conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, and spoke with the driver, Milian Tesfay, who was described as very excited and talking loudly, with the smell of alcohol coming from his breath.

Milian Tesfay (Tesfoy) (MNPD)

Sitting in the back of the car were two women, who told Officer Nave the man was their Uber driver, and they showed their Uber app with the ride information on the screen of the phone. Upon closer inspection, Officer Nave pointed out their driver was supposed to be in a Honda Accord, and the car they were in was a Chrysler 200. They had not previously noticed, but did comment that Tesfay had driven them out of the way from where they started to where they wanted to go. Tesfay admitted he was not an Uber driver at all. The women were fooled into getting into his car.

Milian Tesfay performed HGN and showed all six possible clues of impairment, and refused the walk and turn and one-leg stand. He was placed into custody for driving under the influence, at which time me pulled his hands away and kept turning to prevent being cuffed. He refused a breath test, however a warrant was granted to obtain his blood. Tesfay was charged with DUI and resisting, and released on pre-trial release to his Brentwood address. The two women were able to get an actual Uber driver to come pick them up to continue onto their destination.

NOTE: Milian Tesfay is alternatively identified as Milian Tesfoy in multiple databases, and prior theft and driving related charges, including in Florida.

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