Prostitute & Pimp arrested. MNPD detective kicked in groin multiple times by prostitute.

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During a prostitution sting arrest on Tuesday, Ty Tiauna Burton told detectives “take me to jail”, but whey they tried to arrest her she fought back, and kicked Detective Jason May several times in the groin and legs.

Metro Nashville Police were making the arrest just after 11 a.m. on April 30th, at the Days Inn by Wyndham Nashville Airport at 3445 Percy Priest Drive. Detective Jason Mayo and Detective Rachael Reese were inside the room with the now-detained 20-year-old Ty Tiauna Burton, preparing to issue her a citation for prostitution. Burton refused the citation, and told them to take her to jail.

Ty Tiauna Burton (MNPD)

Burton then stood up and raised her clenched fists to both detectives, and pulled away when they attempted to grab her arms to place them behind her back. Burton then swing her arms, and kicked her feet, then stiffened her arms an legs to continue the struggle with detectives, who were trying to effect the arrest. Burton managed to kick Detective Jason May in his crotch and both legs multiple times during the struggle.

Clyde Mitchell (MNPD)

While Burton was detained, she received a text message on her phone that stated “open ya door” from an 818 area code. Detectives stepped out of the room to find 45-year-old Clyde Otis Mitchell, Jr., standing outside of the room with a phone in his hand, matching the number the text came from. Mitchell admitted to “pimping her out”, and had met her on the West Coast on a website called “Sip-Sap”. He told detectives the pair had been traveling the country, making money by prostituting her out to people along the way. $3,000 was seized from Mitchell during his arrest.

Burton is charged with two counts of assault on an officer, and prostitution, and is free on pre-trial release. Mitchell is charged with promotion prostitution, and is free on pre-trial release.

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