Son of Sun Records Music Mogul now sells drugs from a Chevy Volt

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64-year-old Sidney Singleton was arrested Tuesday, along with Donald Preston, as the pair sold marijuana, liquid THC vials, and marijuana extract from a red Chevy Volt to random people they met on a website, one of whom was an undercover MNPD detective.

Many people from Nashville and Memphis are familiar with the Singleton Family. Sidney’s father was a music mogul that bought Sun Records from Sam Phillips. It appears Sidney didn’t follow in his father’s success. Metro Nashville police say they used an undercover detective to make contact with 64-year-old Sidney Singleton, and his 62-year-old friend, Donald Preston, about buying marijuana. They exchanged contact information over the website and then agreed to meet in the parking lot of Osborne’s Bi-Rite on Belmont Blvd., where they pair would sell the undercover detective 1 ounce of marijuana for $300. Police note the location is less than 1,000 feet from Christ of King School.

Sidney Singleton (MNPD)

Singleton and Preston arrived at the meet location Tuesday afternoon in a red Chevy volt. Preston exited the passenger side of vehicle, and got into the vehicle with the undercover detective to complete the transaction. the deal was completed, and both were taken into custody. Neither would answer questions, however detectives say Singleton made a spontaneous utterance about a large amount of marijuana being in the Chevy Volt he was driving. Police conducted a ‘Carrol search’ of the vehicle, and seized an additional 353 grams of marijuana, 19 vials of THC liquid, and 2 cards of marijuana extract, total weight of 2 grams.

Donald Preston (MNPD)

Singleton and Preston were both charged with two felony counts of drugs in a school zone, and each is free on pre-trial release.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story indicated a bond was posted for each individual. They were instead freed on pre-trial release.

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