Strong odor of ‘lake water’ coming from youth’s mouth after crash, per MNPD…

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Metro Nashville police describe the breath of underage Brennan Bailey as ‘a strong odor of lake water, and a lesser odor of alcohol’. It appears after crashing his car, Bailey is alleged to have grabbed his stash of alcohol, a bong, 2 bowls, and his passport, tossing them near a creek where he also washed out his mouth.

According to Metro Police, Brennan Bailey was the sole occupant involved in a single-vehicle crash on Tyne Blvd at Robert E. Lee Drive. A concerned citizen arrived at the crash site, and reported to police she observed the 20-year-old driver of the vehicle throwing things into a nearby creek and wooded area, including what appeared to be alcoholic beverages. Bailey didn’t take kindly to the lady’s presence, and told her “everything is OK, it’s my car, you can leave”.

Brennan Bailey (MNPD)

Upon a search by officers, they retrieved a case of spike sparkling water, marijuana paraphernalia to include a bong and two bowls, and a backpack with Brennan Bailey’s passport, exactly where the concerned citizen said it would be. Officer Ipox began field sobriety tests on Bailey, but only got as far as the HGN before his mother arrived, and told him to not perform any more tests or make any statements without a lawyer present. Officer Bradley Nave noted “a strong odor of lake water, and a lesser odor of an alcoholic beverage, coming from his (Bailey’s) breath.

Brennan Bailey, 20, was charged with DUI, possession of alcohol under 21, drug paraphernalia, and tampering with evidence. He is free on a $12,500 bond.

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