Too drunk to Uber? Another Nashville Tourist.

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Uber is so simple, even the drunkest can use it. Addresses are pre-populated, you just have to get in, and then out, of the vehicle. Even that was too much for 29-year-old Jolene McKillop, who was so intoxicated her Uber driver had to seek the help of police, who arrested her for public intoxication.

MNPD Officer David Crisman was stopped by an Uber driver at 14th Ave S. & Demonbreun. The driver stated he had a passenger that was intoxicated to the point he wasn’t sure what to do with her. The passenger, identified as Jolene McKillop, was unsure about her destination, and kept changing her mind during the ride, not knowing where she really needed or wanted to go. Let without a specific destination, the Uber driver sought assistance.

Jolene McKillop (MNPD)

McKillop told police she was visiting Nashville with a friend, and did not know where the friend currently was, or lives, and was unable to get in touch with her via phone. McKillop initially stated she would stay at a hotel, but then changed her mind, and refused to speak with the officer further. She refused to make a decision about where to go for the night, and with no other safe options, she was placed into custody for public intoxication, as she was unable to care for herself. Officers noted a strong smell of alcohol, and she was unsteady on her feet, and had slurred speech. McKillop was charged with public intoxication, and released after a sobering up period.

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