Woman to officer: “Get your d-ck out of my face”

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48-year-old Sherrie Fritschka, who is known to frequently walk around town with an invisible dog on a leash, was arrested late Monday night after she walked into a Walgreens, began opening bottles of water and pouring them on the floor, and when an officer told her he was unable to open her locked vehicle, told him “Get your dick out of my face”.

Goodlettsville Police responded to the Walgreens at 101 South Main Street at 9:17 p.m. Monday night, in reference to a disorderly person who was opening water bottles, emptying them on the floor, and having a ‘meltdown’ in the store, yelling and screaming. By the time officers arrived, she had left Walgreens and made it to nearby Lick Street, where she told officers she was locked out of her vehicle. She was advised of the city policy that prevented officers from unlocking vehicles, and responded to the officer “Get your dick out of my face!”, and continued to scream and yell other vulgar statements, including racial slurs to nearby workers who were unloading a vehicle.

Sherrie Fritschka (MNPD)

Sherrie Fritschka was booked into the booked into the Davidson County jail, charged with disorderly conduct, and near immediately freed on pre-trial release.

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