ARREST: Woman paid plastic surgeon with counterfeit $13K cashier’s check

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48-year-old Shelby Lynn Hill is charged with theft of services over $10K, and forgery over $10K, after police say she paid a Nashville plastic surgeon for surgery with a counterfeit cashier’s check.

The Davidson County Grand Jury returned an indictment last week, charging Shelby Hill with obtaining surgical services from Dr. Alexander Nein, a Nashville plastic surgeon, by means of fraud with the intent to avoid payment for the services. She is also indicted for forgery for the counterfeit cashier’s check she used as payment, drawn on a Bank of America account, in the amount of $13,581.00, payable to Dr. Alexander Nein.

Shelby Hill (MNPD)
Shelby Hill (MNPD)

The Grand Jury report did not specify what type of surgery Hill underwent. The 48-year-old woman is no stranger to the medical industry, she currently works as an agent with a US Health local office, selling insurance, according to recent records – but that’s only because the state medical board revoked her own license to practice medicine in 2016. She worked as a Gynecologist in rural Tennessee until she severed both ureters of one patient, severed one ureter of a cancer patient, and then another surgeon had to perform follow-up surgery on yet another patient after she railed to repair a hole between the patient’s vagina and bladder. She also lost her advocacy from the Tennessee Medical Foundation, with whom she had signed a lifetime continuing care contract for chemical dependancy. They withdrew support when she says she lost her Soberlink breathalyzer and refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test.

A copy of the Grand Jury indictment is above. She was booked into the Metro Jail on June 16th and is free on a $2,500 bond. Arraignment is set for July 3rd with Judge Cheryl Blackburn.

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