Charges against former MNPD Officer accused of stomping child, assaulting officer, all dismissed/deferred

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A 52-year-old retired Metro Cop had all charges, including a felony, dismissed or deferred by the D.A. despite police alleging he assaulted his daughters, stomped one in the stomach, attacked an officer when he fled from them, attempted to take a weapon from an officer’s belt, and refused all commands to drop to the ground.

In February, we reported on retired MNPD Field Training Officer Kevin Caperton’s arrest. According to Metro Police, he was accused of assaulting his two daughters during breakfast, knocking one to the floor, stomping her in the stomach, and punching a hole in the wall of the residence. When police attempted to stop him, after he fled the home, he refused to stop. Once he did, he exited his vehicle, approached officers aggressively, refused all commands to drop to his knees, and continued to approach them, and attempted to grab a taser from an officer’s waistband, and he injured one Metro Office during the struggle of taking him into custody.

Kevin Caperton (MNPD)
Kevin Caperton (MNPD)

Despite all of the above, The District Attorney has agreed to dismiss one of the domestic assault charges, dismiss the resisting arrest charge, dismiss the evading arrest charge, and on the two remaining charges – assault of one of his daughters, and the assault of an officer, Caperton was given a deferred judgment with no conviction. That means as long as there’s no new arrest for the next year, everything can be expunged as if it never existed.. as long as he pays the $559.00 he owes for court costs.

Here’s our previous coverage of the arrest: Retired MNPD Officer evades police, grabs for taser, injures officer during arrest after stomping child in stomach

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