“I’m a functioning sociopath, you should be afraid”. Kaleb Mayo #Arrested

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Kaleb Mayo is arrested and charged with harassment, after his girlfriend who he lived with for 5 days, kicked him out and says he sent her harassing messages via text, voice, and video.

According to details from an arrest warrant for Kaleb T. Mayo, he and his girlfriend are separated after “living together for five days and an intimate interaction”. His girlfriend sought out a warrant for harassment after she says he was “acting strange” and she requested he leave her apartment. Mayo left text, voice, and video messages for the victim, stating he was going to kill himself at her apartment if she did not block his phone number so he was unable to call her.

Kaleb Mayo (MNPD)
Kaleb Mayo (MNPD)

The report notes Mayo appeared visibly violent and agitated in one of the video messages, where he screamed: “BLOCK MY FUCKING NUMBER!”. In a text message, he stated he was a functioning sociopath, and that the victim should be afraid. The victim changed her door locks but says she is afraid of Mayo and what he may do. Metro police say Mayo has a history of problems with previous roommates and has made similar threats to others, previously. A warrant was issued for Kaleb Mayo‘s arrest on the charge of harassment, and he was booked, and released on a $1,000 bond.

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